Web Notes
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I made this web page with Netscape Composer, and Notepad. 
After construction, I used Evrsoft's 1st Page 2000 to edit, it is an excellent program (and it is free!)

My  images I made with Paintshop Pro, the rest were collected from clip art. 

All the Javascript and CSS I typed in. 
I learned using:

Designing with Javascript
By Nick Heinle

it is and O'Reilly book, and though is beginning to be somewhat out of date (2nd edition soon?) it is still and excellent book. 


HTML: the Definitive Guide

another O'Reilly book was indispensable. 

The Main page was originally created using a Tripod Template. Then I recreated it in Composer to ease the editing.

Some good online resoures are



Also, just surfing, if you see a page you like, check out the source code. 
<veiw - page source; Netscape
  veiw - source; Internet Explorer>

Any web questions are just as welcome as Poetry questions

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