An Almost Year… An eBook confession

I didn’t make it.

A Year Without Big Pubs

Admittedly there were a few paper books purchased, mostly poetry, throughout the year. And yes, I bought the zombie Star Wars book. Seriously? It was zombies and Star Wars. How can one resist? But all of these were paper.

Then Black Friday / Cyber Monday happened. For the most part I don’t pay much attention to the sales that go on this day. For the most part it isn’t worth my time or energy to go out into the world, fight with others to get something. I’d rather be in, with my friends, family, or loved one.

And I was. But something happened. That something was Open Road Media having a massive, massive sale. I was alerted to this by someone posting that Swan Song, by McCammon was $3 in ebook. So I went to look.

I wanted Swan Song, and if I hadn’t looked at the main list, that might have been it. But I saw something that I couldn’t resist: Octavia Butler. I paid $4 for a trilogy of hers. And, it was as they say, ‘on’ after that.

I grabbed some more of McCammon. Then some Michael Chabon. Elizabeth Hand. Alice Walker. And, since it is sometimes needed, “Go the F*ck to Sleep.” Still a fav.

So what changed my mind? Why did I jump back in? Simple. The price was right. These books were priced as they should be. And for that, I purchased them. Simple, no?

Simple. No?

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