A Year in the Life, a 2011 Retropective

Ah Art365

So a full year, art every day (and a late report, due to travel, sorry). How did it go? Well, it would be fair to say that there was not art every day of 2011. It would also be fair to say that more than 365 pieces of art were created, although that sounds like a technicality.

The whole idea was based off of a friend’s tweet. “Sure why not?” I thought, and started out to CREATE ART.

But art was never the point, not really. It was about making art apart of my life, even more so that it already is. It was about me. Every day, yes even the ones no art was created, I thought about art- about paintings and writing, about photography and music. That was the purpose. That was the goal. Despite this busy existence, despite the trials of daily work and life I was going to add art in.

And I did. From month long projects like April’s poems, to just one off things like a Godzilla post or a walk that resulted in pictures, I let myself play the role of the artist. I found it is a role I rather enjoy. But I suspect I knew that.

The Art365 page for 2011 will be updated for all to see. It would be tempting to pick a few favorites to showcase, but instead I’ll offer up the whole thing as one big showcase.

So now what? What happens in 2012? Another year of art everyday?

Sure, why the hell not.

A Month in the Life, December

December, what did you bring? There was a trip to the art gallery, a cocktail before a nap, a trip to the desert and a new favorite program for pictures.

Snapseed was recommended by a geek blog so I checked it out. It was expensive ($5!! for an app!) but I gave it a go anyway. And it rocks. It does normal color correction, sharpness, etc, but then has a few extras like vintage and grunge filters. It is easy to use and makes some great shots.

Here is one I made from the desert.

Desert Road

I posted my first video to Flickr, using the 8mm app and the creepy blinking reindeer in my mother’s yard. All it really needs is some mood music.

There was writing as well, some work on two new ideas (because why finish the old stuff when I can just start something new?). Hope that something will come out of them.

At the the end of the month I got a new camera, a Nikon 3100, and I dig it a lot. It takes great shots and I look forward to actually learning more about this camera stuff. Here is the first shot from it.


A Month in the Life, November

November brought adventures, sadness and a bit of art.

I traveled abroad for the first time in November, spending a week in Norway and Sweden. I’ve posted pictures on my Flickr from these adventures, but among them is my new favorite pictures i have taken.


I thought about NaNoWriMo. I always do. I even started something… And by start I mean I thought about it, and even opened up Storymill a few times. In the end, this November, even more so, was not a good time to take on a project of that size.

There was still art, however. And I did start writing something I told myself I would not write… More on that in a while. Lots of pictures, it was defiantly a photography monty. And while my iPhone has fantastic camera abilities, my P300 remains my favorite toy. I still have yet to use the flash.

There were a few new edits to the April poems, bringing me closer to completing that project. There are a few in there that are proving to be more difficult to edit that they first appear. And let us not get started on Jacob’s issue with titles, shall we?

Final month of this 365 thing ahead. Funny how time moves these days. That one January morning I thought “This will feel like forever.” But it didn’t. Instead there was art.

PS: I know my Art 365 page is out of date… soon!