Zombies, Run! Part 2

Run: 1.58 miles, Time: 21:24

Where was I?

The hospital. I’d grabbed some supplies and some papers, and headed back out towards the tower. Sam is back on the radio. He sees me, and sees I have found something.

Guard it with your life, the Doctor says. I think that means if I see zombies not to drop the papers while i run for my life, but i’ll ask for clarification when I get there.

Maybe I am getting numb, I think, but it seems to be getting easier.

I have a way with timing, I have learned. Sure there are a thousand stories I could related about my poor timing events, but this one should demonstrate it. As soon as that thought was done two things happen. The first is that this pain starts up my left leg. It isn’t quite a cramp, but close. The second is that Sam’s voice comes back over the radio.

There are zombies coming. Great I think. They are catching up, he says. Fast zombies? Great. Fast zombies suck. Run, he says, run, and I do.

Runner 7 comes on the radio, tells me they are sending people with guns to provide cover, but whatever I do, don’t stop. She’s right behind me.

She? I hear Sam talking, through the mumbles and the “oh no”’s and my general panting and hard breaths I catch on who is behind me. The previous runner 5. You know, the one who I was told was really fast?

Apparently the pseudo-afterlife hadn’t taken that away from her yet.

My leg is on fire, and I have a simple realization: i can’t do this much longer. The gate opens and I see my fellow living emerge with guns, bringing me in.

Welcome to Abel, I hear. Let’s hope I’ve made the right choice.

I mention this game is great? Go get running shoes and go for it. iOS now, Android on the way.

Zombies, Run! Part 1

Introduction: Zombies Run! is a game for runners. You start it up and go for a run. While you are running, you’ll get an audio story of surviving a zombie apocalypse. Check out the website, or the ebook for more information.

Also, you should get the app. It, in fact, rocks.

Since I am a writer (or at least pretend to be) I couldn’t help a bit of thinking while I was running and listening. So, a zombie runner’s diary, if you will.

Run: 1.62 miles, Time: 21:40

Call me Runner 5. That’s what the voice on the radio called me, and I think it fits.

My day isn’t going too well. I was on a helicopter ride into Abel township. It isn’t much of a settlement, but is was stable. The chopper pilot was a chatter and talked most of the way there. I was tempted to unplug the radio, but thought again.

Trouble started when we got close to Abel. As we were inbound the light arms fire started. Then someone shot an RPG, hitting us in the rear, taking out our tail. A parachute ride to a tree, and a drop to the ground and I am alone in zombie infested wilderness, with some unknowns out there with an RPG.

Then this voice called over the radio. Go to the tower he said, zombies inbound. I keyed back a reply but it didn’t go through. Transmitter was busted, but at least I could hear him. He says run, and I run.

A few minutes later my body was screaming. You know the first rule? Cardio. Guess what I had been ignoring? But then I see it off in the distance, the tower. Hope will make your legs move. So will fear, but I was saving that one.

The voice is back. Sam, I think. He told me, but i was too busy falling out of a tree at the time. He tells me there is trouble ahead and directs me on a safer path. Then this Doctor comes on the radio.

Look, she says, you need to make a detour and pick up supplies. “We earn our keep here,” she said, and I can pick up supplies or maybe they won’t let me in. I’m thinking: Lady, I was just in a helicopter crash. But I turn, and I go.

Sam comes back on the radio. He keeps talking to me, and unlike the chatty chopper pilot, I don’t mind. He calls me Runner 5 after one of their runners who they just lost. I was going to be offend until he spoke of her.

Alright, I thought, Runner 5 will come back, Sam. Even if it is me instead of her.

More zombies in the way and he lead me through the ground floor of the hospital to get around it. If I find a beer, I’ll be brining it to him. Look for some papers too, he said, and I start thinking this is a scavenger hunt. I grabbed a bag that was left on the nurses station and threw the med packs and papers inside before running again.

The town is close, and I just might make it.