Artist Collaboration

There is a certain thrill, certain excitement when you work with others on something. Art is not generated in a vacuum. It comes from

Collaboration comes in several forms as well. There is the obvious, the “let’s get together and write a story together about Martian broadway performers who fight crime in their spare time.” And then yourself and your friend sit down and start to write. Sometimes you email, sometimes you use markers, always you fight and eat pizza. In the end is something that either you both hate or both love, and if you did a good job perhaps you both still speak to each other.

And your alien squirrel dopplegangers will make music.

The other kind is more of a moral support sorta collaboration. This one goes more like this: “HEY! GET YOUR ASS WRITING YOU LEFT ME HANGING AT THE END OF A CHAPTER AND I HATE YOU.” Or something similar.

Basically you send something to an artist friend and they read it. They send something to you to read as well and then together you write, using the other as a sounding board and a bit of motivation. Because sometimes getting off of our butts is the hardest part.

Have you seen my pen?

This type of collaboration is more important, I think. Working with someone is fun, creating a world/story/character/Metallica album with someone can bring ideas out, or together that might not have before.

But, by simply talking with other writers/artists/friends/doppleganger squirrles, you give yourself a sounding board. Maybe making your main character actually an exiled tomato isn’t the best idea… When we work together it also helps talk through the hard parts, the ones where you write yourself into a hole. Sometimes all you need is a rope. Sometimes you need a helicopter, some repellers, a bottle of Batman repellent spray and a six pack of Guinness (STAT!).

So find someone you trust, give them a story, take one of theirs, get working together.

Author: jake

poet, editor, kilt wearing heathen. he/him