Social Media Links

Jacob Haddon is a poet, editor and kilt wearing heathen. (he/him)

Here are my various social media accounts. If there is any confusion if an account is mine, check here to confirm!



WordPress (this blog) – (its federated, so you can follow from the fediverse!)

Mastodon1 (Microblog) – @jake@posts.jacobhaddon.comprofile link

BookWyrm (Books, reading/reviewing) – @jake@books.jacobhaddon.comprofile link

PixelFed (photos) – @jake@photos.apokrupha.comprofile link


Flickr –

Twitter – @jacobhaddon (not active)

Facebook –

Instagram – @writerjacob

tumblr – @jacobhaddon

  1. TECHNICALLY I run a Pleroma instance, which is a microblog like Mastodon, but with different feature set.