returning home

I am currently on an airplane heading home from vacation. I downloaded the wordpress for blackberry program and have had an urge to use it but have nothing really to talk about.

You see I’ve been without a connection to society for the past week. Not that I was isolated, far from it. Rather I was without computer, did not watch television, did not even find myself near a newspaper for any amount of time.

This self imposed information exile was for a simple purpose: to enjoy my vacation. Obama and congress would fight. Technology would be announced. Video games reviewed. Movies leaked. All without my careful vigilance.

Instead I wandered around the country side climbing mountains visiting wineries and meeting people. Was it a life changing event? No. But it was not intended to be. Instead it was what I wanted: vacation.

When I land the world will still be there awaiting me. No doubt it rotated as it should have. No doubt there were meetings and phone calls. There were emails and questions. But the world and I showed we could spend a few days apart and not fall apart. Something maybe we both needed.

Author: jake

poet, editor, kilt wearing heathen. he/him