A Month in the Life, January

Here is my first monthly update on the 365 project.

First off, I survived. Which is always a good way to start. There were nights where I was fully prepared to fall into the deep sleep, and realized I had not yet posted something. There were other days where I posted several things before noon. But I did make each day of January (well, minus the first few where I had not yet decided to start, but I made up for them throughout the month)

There was a bit of a range, tweets, photos, drawings. I wrote in my journal; I posted on my blog; I played violin; I danced.

So what did we get? A pink elephant seems to take the prize of the month. I purchased SketchBook Pro for the Macintosh, as well as Sketchbook Mobile for my phone and have enjoyed doodling. Who knows, by the end of the year I may be good at drawing. As of now, I am still at the “display on my mother’s fridge” level.

Oh, and the train is on my mother’s fridge.

I have worked on poems too, but I find them still hidden away. There will be another post about this once I collect all of my thoughts. Also on some stories, but that is part of something you’ll seen soon enough. Rules for a Godzilla Movie was one of my favorite posts in a while. Somedays, however, it was a struggle to find even those 140 characters to post.

I suspect that at some point this project has a danger of slipping from ‘art project’ to ‘work’ and I will fight that. This is about habit, not repetition. This is about behavior and passion, not ‘forcing’ or ‘bribing’. I do this because I love it.

Ok, February, let’s see what you have.

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