A Month in the Life, December

December, what did you bring? There was a trip to the art gallery, a cocktail before a nap, a trip to the desert and a new favorite program for pictures.

Snapseed was recommended by a geek blog so I checked it out. It was expensive ($5!! for an app!) but I gave it a go anyway. And it rocks. It does normal color correction, sharpness, etc, but then has a few extras like vintage and grunge filters. It is easy to use and makes some great shots.

Here is one I made from the desert.

Desert Road

I posted my first video to Flickr, using the 8mm app and the creepy blinking reindeer in my mother’s yard. All it really needs is some mood music.

There was writing as well, some work on two new ideas (because why finish the old stuff when I can just start something new?). Hope that something will come out of them.

At the the end of the month I got a new camera, a Nikon 3100, and I dig it a lot. It takes great shots and I look forward to actually learning more about this camera stuff. Here is the first shot from it.


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