Travel Pictures, March 2012

I have been on travel lately and came home with a collection of pictures with the new and old cameras. While the new DSLR is fantastic, I still have plenty of use for my P300 because of its size. I’ve got two galleries to post, one from my week in Finland, and one from a day walk through Virginia.

Finland, even at the end of march, was still covered in snow. The part of the harbor in Helsinki visible from my hotel was still covered in ice. As you can see, there were still ice fishermen out catching.


I spent my time in two locations: Helsinki and Tampere. The pictures are labeled for which town they are from. Both were fun, and the beer was good.

Oh, and Iron Sky premiered in Tampere the Monday I was there… Which i found out about as i was flying home. I mention I didn’t have anything to do that Monday?

The next trip was out to western Virginia for a wedding. Tucked out on highway 81, Winchester is not quite in the mountains, but is close. “Quaint” is a good description for this town. There was a walking mall for a few blocks, and I brought my camera with me.

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