On Star Wars EU, and Kotaku’s Post


I have feelings about this article.

First off, the EU was NEVER cannon. Ever. It was always its own thing, separate from Lucas’s official cannon, separate from the role playing games, video games, etc.

But they were never the official cannon.

And they were a mess. The EU had a Han/Leia/Luke problem, which despite efforts of the X-Wing series and I, Jedi, was never broken.

You have an entire galaxy, and apparently only three people ever do anything in it.

Chuck Wendig’s book is good. it is fun, and avoids this problem by having some new characters get into new adventures.

The difference now from the EU is Disney has made EVERYTHING cannon. So now the stories in the comics, books, movies, video games, etc, are all linked, and ‘real’.

Should everything have been thrown out? Maybe. Maybe not. The Vong was not Star Wars. But the peace treaty in Vision of the Future between the remains of the Empire and the New Republic opened up some interesting political opportunities.

The old books didn’t go away. And while I agree that the writers of the new stuff should grab some of the West End Games RPG books for references there exists now nothing but bright open future, where Chewie is alive, where Luuke doesn’t exist, where Han doesn’t go off every other book and decide to become a smuggler again.

That said, I did like Death Troopers.

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