Women in Horror

Women in Horror month is February.

But women continue to write horror, contribute to the genre and struggle to be read all year long. When topics of diversity in table of contents come up, I am always surprised at how few women writers are mentioned, and even fewer are published.

I asked on Facebook for some names of speculative fiction writers, and then went looking on my own. At first this was to expand my own ‘to-read’ lists, and editorial rolodex. But then I asked myself, why was I keeping it to myself? I went and found websites (or tried to, best I could) for each of the names I found, and made a list.

I cannot stress how easy it was to find 400 names. You could fill TOC after TOC with the talent listed below and never once sacrifice anything to do it.

Is this list done? No, not at all. I’m not even done with the writers in my own Facebook friends list. This is a drop in the bucket of women writers.

But MOST importantly: I am just some guy with a website. Inclusion or Exclusion from this list is irrelevant to the legitimacy of any one as writer. This list is here to help spread the word about women horror writers of all types, not as something ‘official’.

I will endeavor to update it, however. I have two more sources to look through already, which will add quite a few names.

Still, know someone who needs to be on this list (maybe even yourself)? Drop a note here or on Twitter, and let me know, and I’ll add them on. Same if I have you on this list, but got the web address wrong.

Women in Horror month is February, but the time to read women horror and speculative writers is all year. And the time to see them as anything less than a full contributing part of the genre has long passed.

So take a look, click a link, go, read a book and see what you are missing. I know I will be.

Women Horror / Speculative Fiction Writers


Writers I could not find websites for:

  • Amanda Nethers
  • Anna Haney
  • Erin Coughlin
  • Evangeline Frost
  • K. T. Jane
  • Kimberly Yernia
  • Leigh Rhyne
  • Meg Moore
  • Megan Rhode
  • Sarah Reed
  • Violet Addison
  • Karin Tauscher Fuller
  • Jessie Grayson
  • Nora Younger Azzi
  • Ellen Bolt
  • Sara J. Larson
  • Ann Stapleton
  • Catherine Bader
  • Allison Sutherland
  • Michelle Witte
  • Brie Bahmer


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35 thoughts on “Women in Horror”

  1. Suzanne Mazzenga = Suzi M/Suzanne Madron (Immortal War Series), James Glass (The Metatron Mysteries), and Xircon (The Lazarus Stone [Conspiracy Edit]). I’m surprised that particular name got listed, as I’ve never published under it (at least not in fiction).
    Apologies for the confusion, and thank you for the inclusion.

    1. Hi Suzie, it was probably someone linked to you on Facebook burdened by its tagging “features”. Added!

  2. Fallon Morey (published under Fallon Stoeffler) featured in Sanitarium Magazine 3 times, in anthology (“Undead Living” by Sunbury Press) and Sips Card online. Just putting it out there because these are all awesome mags and publications that feature tons of other great female writers!

  3. Great list. I recognize lots of the names on it. However, I don’t see my own, probably because I’m rather new. I write horror as E. A. Black. I’m published in “Zippered Flesh 3”, “Teeming Terrors”, “Wicked Tales: The Journal Of The New England Horror Writers”, “Stupefying Stories” and more. I haven’t published a novel yet. Working on that. Here’s my web site, which is in need of updating. http://eablack-writer.blogspot.com

  4. Make sure not to overlook award-winning horror poet Mary Genevieve Fortier!

  5. This is a great list! However, I don’t feel that I deserve to be on it, since I never felt that I was writing from a female perspective even when I was presenting as female. Can I cede my spot to someone who belongs? My pal Christa Faust has written a lot of great horror. http://www.christafaust.com

    — Billy Martin (formerly Poppy Z. Brite)

      1. Thanks so much for your response, and for initially thinking of me. 🙂

  6. This is a fantastic list! Bookmarked. I’d love to be added. You can find me at thewarriormuse.com, and my publications can be found there, too. I’ve been in horror magazines and anthologies.

    And if you’d like a few more names, these are some I found on a list of women’s horror: Dion Fortune, Amanda Stevens, Tina Jens, Marjorie Bowen, Marly Youmans, Sara Gran.

  7. Hey – great list and I’d like to be added. Although most are mystery/thriller, several of my short stories are horror. my website is dianacatt.com and many of the collections are available on amazon.com

    1. Julianne! Always adding. You are on there now. If I have missed other writers you know, let me know!

  8. Hi Jacob! Can you please add me? I’ve been published in several anthos, most recently Wicked Witches from NEHW. I also have stories in the upcoming Twice Upon An Apocalypse and Northern Frights. My first novel will be out this year. I’m also a full-time freelance writer and dabble in metal journalism. Morgan Sylvia (http://morgansylvia.wordpress.com/)

    1. Morgan! I am so sorry I missed you. You’ve been added. And I am always adding, so if I missed anyone just let me know.

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