How To Get me to try? Make it easy to leave

This is going to sound counter initiative to some business minded people, but the best way to get me to try something is to make it easy for me to leave that thing.

Easy to export my data. Easy to cancel the account; delete the account. Easy to cancel the subscription. Easy to leave.

Newspaper subscriptions are the top of the list for this. Would I subscribe to a newspaper and read it regularly? I have no idea because as a rule it seems you have to go through a very complicated process to cancel. Sign up is easy! Cancelling? Oh, you have to call a representative during ‘business hours’ who is going to take 30 minutes of your time (after the hold time) to try to talk you into staying before transferring you to the person who can cancel you.


I was thinking about this when I was reading about iPhone tools to move from Android to iPhone. While the tool to make it easier to come over to your side is useful, it made me realize the other way would also be just as important.

What if I don’t like this thing? How can I get my stuff out? And if I can’t transfer, move, shutdown, delete, am I going to actually use the product, the software, the phone, to its fullest? No. I’m not going to risk it entering into my life.

If I am going to try your… thing, your service, your app, your online whatsit, there is a chance I am not going to like it. And that’s fine, not everything is for everyone.

But, if I can’t leave, I’m not going to come in. I can’t risk it.

By giving me the clear path to the exit door, rather than encouraging me to leave, it gives me a sense of security. If I don’t want to be here, I can go, so I am going to stick around for a bit and see how things are. I’m going to try this, honestly try it, because I know I can leave.

So show us the exits. Show us the door. Show us the way out. And you’ll be more likely to get us to come in.

Author: jake

poet, editor, kilt wearing heathen. he/him