Episode 11 – Stolen Past

The streets of Nottingham in the 12th century were bustling with market trade. Despite the new taxes imposed by the Sheriff, the people had found ways to make ends meet. Trade still flourished as the people of England fought in a new crusade lead by King Richard.

The Time Lord know as the Doctor walked about with the people on the streets, looking at the merchandise with a bit of interest as he did. The crowd bustled around the time traveler paying him no real mind as they did.

A small blue chip with a set of coordinates embedded in it brought it him here. It had been a few days to decode the software, but once he had it had been no question: the coordinates lead him here.

He had left his noga and the android D-96 in his space craft camouflaged as a small blue box, rather than try to explain a metal man and a small dragon to the peoples of this time. He carried his gizmo in his pocket, just in case, but thought to just have a look around at first.

His mind wandered through time as his eyes wandered the cityscape looking for anything out of place. Other than his blue box off to one side of the market, nothing seemed abnormal.

“Wait,” he mumbled. “Didn’t I park over there?”

A man ran into the Doctor bringing him out of his distracted state and knocking him to the ground.

“Sorry,” the man said, helping the Doctor up.

“It’s… ok…” the Doctor said, looking at the man. The man started to pull away, but the Doctor held his hand. He was wearing a three piece suit, tie and sneakers from a much different time than this one. The Doctor looked the man up and down as he got a confused look in return.

“Oh no,” the Doctor said.

“What?” the man asked.

“Oh no,” the Doctor repeated.

“What? Who are you?” the man said, concern filling his face. He pulled out a pair of glasses with no visible lenses to look at the Doctor.

“Oh no,” the Doctor said.

“You can’t be,” the man said.

“I’m you,” the 12th Doctor said to the 10th Doctor.


The two looked briefly at each other in confusion which was interrupted by sounds from behind them.

“Right,” the 10th Doctor said. “We need to run.”

The 12th Doctor looked in the direction the other had run from to see several guards running in their direction.

“After you, Doctor,” the 12th Doctor said. The two set out, running through the market, pushing past people and carts. The overall crowd became thicker, and the 10th Doctor grabbed the 12th Doctor and pulled him into a small alleyway. They stood pressed against the wall as the guards ran past.

“Looks like the coast is clear for now,” the 12th Doctor said.

“I don’t know you,” the 10th Doctor said. “And you sound…”

“I know,” the 12th Doctor said.

“Like you are from…”

“I know. I know.”

“That is strange,” the 10th Doctor replied.

“Strange to you? I have to hear it every time I speak. I remember thinking it was quirky when we sounded like we were from the north, but this…”

“Which one are you?” the 10th Doctor asked, a bit of hesitation in his voice. “Careful, no spoilers.”

“I’m…” the 12th Doctor paused. “Thirteen… no, twelve…”


“I am the one after the one after you.” the 12th Doctor said.

The 10th Doctor gave the 12th Doctor a confused look.

“I, uh, don’t remember things,” the 12th Doctor said. “There are large gaps of memories I just don’t have. I don’t even remember how I came to be.”

“Are you here for what is inside the castle?” the 10th Doctor asked.

“I think so,” the 12th Doctor said. “I’m looking for someone called ‘The Keeper’,” the 12th Doctor said, pulling out his gizmo.

“The Keeper? Not familiar with that one. I do know there is Time Lord technology in that building.”

“Time Lord?”

The 12th Doctor started scanning the stone structure at the center of Nottingham. Inside of its walls there were several points of very high technology.

“What’s this?” the 10th Doctor asked.

“You know, I still haven’t named it. Just a gizmo to help find things that are out of their time.”

“Why don’t you use your sonic screwdriver to scan?”

“Seems a strange thing to use a screwdriver for, don’t you think?”

The two looked at each other then back to the gizmo.

“Well, seems obvious where we should go look,” the 12th Doctor said showing the small screen to the 10th Doctor and pointing. “Might I suggest starting down here at the energy spike before wandering up top to the Time Lord technology?”

“Why that way?”

“Well, if we find what I suspect to find in the top, I’m not sure we’ll get a chance to see what is in the basement.”

“Fair enough,” the 10th Doctor replied. “Now the issue is how to get in. Already tried the direct approach and you saw how that turned out.”

“Guards, right.”

“They were not in the most hospitable of moods,” the 10th Doctor said.

“I’d say just use the Tardis, but there seems to be a time shield of sorts around the building. We could get in, but not now.”

“Robin would know an easier way in,” the 10th Doctor said.

“Wait… Robin… I remember him. Doesn’t he still owe us for that bit on the road in Sherwood forest?”

“I believe so,” the 10th Doctor said as he started walking. “Though Tuck may still be upset about his wine.”

“To be fair, it was good wine.”


Cautiously the two set back out into Nottingham’s market place, looking about the area as they headed out and onto the road. It was nearly an hour to get to Sherwood Forest.

“Next time we need horses,” the 12th Doctor said after a bit.

“It is a good day for a walk, nice pleasant English weather,” the 10th Doctor replied.

“It would be just as nice of a day to go for a ride,” the 12th Doctor said. “At least…”

“At least you can have your load lightened a bit,” a voice interrupted. The two Doctors stopped and looked around, but couldn’t see the source.

“Think we found him,” the 10th Doctor said. “Let me do the talking.”

“Yeah, because that worked so well last time.”

A figured somersaulted from a tree near the road and landed in front of them. He was a bit shorter than the two Doctors, a bow on his back and a sly smile on his face.

“We, the merry men of Sherwood, will gladly lighten your load of any gold or valuables you two strangely dressed travelers have.”

There was motion in the brush nearby.

“Robin!” the 10th Doctor said. “Just the man we were looking for.”

“Everyone is looking for me, sir,” Robin said, stepping closer. “And it is an expensive lifestyle- always being on the run.”

“He doesn’t recognize you,” the 12th Doctor said over the 10th Doctor’s shoulder.

“He recognizes me,” the 10th Doctor retorted. “Don’t you, Robin?”

Robin Locksley looked at the two men on the road and gave a sidewards glance to the other man near by. The figure, a tall bearded man shook his head.

“Told you,” the 12th Doctor said.

“One second,” the 10th Doctor said to Robin, turning to the other Doctor.

“What’s going on? Based on the time, we’ve been here before this,” the 10th Doctor said in whisper.

“I’d agree with you on that, even with my bad memory. I suspect that the blip in time has changed things here too. Maybe we didn’t actually come in this timeline anymore.”

The two Doctors looked at each other, and then back to the impatient bandits pointing weapons at them.

“Right,” the 10th Doctor said.

“Right,” the 12th Doctor repeated. “Ok, my turn.”

The 12th Doctor stepped in front looking at Robin.

“Robin, we came for your help. I wish I could explain this easily, but I’ll try my best. We know you, Robin of Locksley. In another life, we were comrades in arms.”

Robin stepped forward, looking at the 12th Doctor more closely.

“It feels wrong, doesn’t it?” the 10th Doctor said. “It feels like you do know us even though you know you don’t.”

“Robin, this is trickery!” John said, stepping out of the brush. “They must work for Gisborne.”

“Guy?” the 12th Doctor said. “If I still had the same arm I’d show the scar I got from him last we met.”

“What are your names?”

“I am the Doctor,” the 10th Doctor said.

“And I am… the Professor,” the 12th Doctor said, the two men looking at each other for a moment.

“Doctor? Professor?” Robin said, giving the two an incredulous look.

“Uh… our mother was …” the 10th Doctor started.

“That is we were…” the 12th Doctor continued.

“Born in a school.”

“A medical school.”

“In France.”

“Yes, France.”

The two looked at each other, then back at Robin.

“That is why I sound funny,” the 12th Doctor added.

“Ok…” Robin said, again looking at the two men. He and John exchanged a look. “What help do you need from me?” Robin asked.

“We need to get into the Sheriff’s keep. There is something in there we need.”

Robin just stared in silence for a moment, a boyish smile on his face.

“Huh?” the 12th Doctor said. “No no, not gold or anything. This is something else.”

“What?” John asked.


“We don’t know,” the 10th Doctor answered. “We just know it is important. And only you can help us.”

The two bandits looked at each other for a moment, then Robin shrugged.

“We’ll need to take you to the others.” Robin said. “And see if we can help you.”

“Robin,” John said between his teeth. “We don’t know who these men are, or who they work for…”

“Aye, but there is something about them, John. Don’t you feel it too? Like you know them?”

The two bandits looked at the two Doctors.

“Aye…” John said begrudgingly.

“Well, we will need to blind fold you before we go,” Robin said. “Can’t have you giving away our secrets.”

“But we already know where it is…” the 12th Doctor said without thinking.

“And how do you know that?” John said, a suspicious look on his face.


“You shouldn’t have said that,” the 10th Doctor said.

“I shouldn’t have said that,” the 12th agreed. “Look, we know, ok? Would you like me to show you?”

Robin gave the ‘after you’ motion and the group set off into the woods.

“And that,” the 12th Doctor said as they approached the base. “Is how I know Joan of Ark.”

“I always liked that story,” the 10th Doctor said.

The four stood in front of Robin’s hideout having arrived with little effort from the part of their guide.

“I’m impressed,” Robin said.

“Who are these two?” a woman’s voice said.

“The Doctor and the Professor,” Robin said.

“Marian,” the 10th Doctor said, taking her hands and kissing her cheek. “Still as radiant as ever.”

Robin gave the two a confused look with a hint of jealousy. Marian’s look to him said “I don’t know who this is.”

“Now, we are all here,” Robin said, his band of men and women surrounding the two Doctors. “Start talking.”

The 12th Doctor took a deep breath and thought about the men around him.

He turned to the big man with the beard and the staff.

“John Little,” he said, pointing.

Next he pointed to the smaller man with lighter hair.

“Munch,” he said.

“You are Alan,” he said pointing. 
 “And you are Tuck, but since you don’t remember us you aren’t upset about your wine anymore, so I guess there is that.”

“Wine?” Tuck said, looking confused.

“Djaq and Wil,” he finished.

“Ok, then what do you need from us?” Robin asked.

“Simple,” the 12th Doctor said. “We need into the castle.”

“That is easy,” Alan said. “Just get arrested.”

“You know…” the 10th Doctor started.

“I’d rather not,” the 12th interrupted. “I’ve been in a few too many jail cells recently.”

“Why?” Robin asked.

“Well, I kept getting arrested.”

“No, why do you need into the castle?” Robin asked.

“There is someone new, isn’t there?” the 12th Doctor said. “Someone new to Nottingham castle.”

“The Man in Black,” Munch said.

“We don’t know anything about him, other than he shows up sometimes and makes the Sheriff do things for him.” Marian said.

“We want to know much, much more about him,” the 12th Doctor said. His expression turned dark for a moment.

“Why?” Robin said.

“He took someone very important from me,” the 12th Doctor replied.

“That’s why you are alone,” the 10th Doctor commented.

The 12th Doctor just nodded.

“There is a way through an access on the side. It won’t be easy, or pleasant.” Robin said.

“Will you show us?”

Robin looked at his companions. Munch gave a ‘not again’ look. Alan’s face said ‘why not?’ John and Tuck’s faces both said ‘we follow you.’

“We will get you in,” Robin said. “But we’ll not stick around to free you if you get caught. That is on your end.”

“Deal,” the 12th Doctor said.

“Why don’t I look?” Marian said. “I can still get around the castle because of my father, it would be easier than having all of you try to get in.”

“No,” the 12th Doctor said before Robin had a chance. His tone was harsh and everyone, even Robin, looked at him.

“No,” he continued. “Whatever is going on is too dangerous.”

“For a woman?” Marian asked with sarcastic tone.

“For any of you,” the 12th Doctor said looking at the others, but pausing longer on Robin. “Look, this isn’t just a scheme by your Sheriff to get more taxes, or a plot to take over England. This is bigger than that. Much bigger than that.”

“I agree that this is too dangerous,” Robin said. Marian began to protest. “No, I feel it, ok? Something isn’t right and hasn’t been since that man showed up.”

“And these two? They just show up and you trust them? Why should you?”

“I just do,” Robin simply replied. “And if you don’t trust them, then trust me.”

Reluctance filled Marian’s face.

“Ok,” Robin said, looking at everyone. “I have a plan.”


Alan and John Little sat on a cart draped in long cloaks. The cart was full of fruit, eggs and hay from the village of Locksley.

“Why do I always get to do this part?” Alan mumbled as they passed through the first gate.

John just answered with a look.

They pulled the cart up to the main gate of the castle. Two of the Sheriff’s men came up to them.

“Shipment from Guy of Gisborne,” John said.

“For the Sheriff’s men, of course,” Alan added. The two men looked into the back and inspected the items before waving them on.

In front of them the portcullis opened.

“And here we go…” Alan said.

They pulled the cart forward just enough so it was halfway under the portcullis.

“Here goes.”

Robin threw open the door on the bottom of the cart and lept out, followed by Wil.

“Robin Hood!” one of the guards shouted. “Lower the gates!”

The gate slammed down onto the cart, crushing it. However, well placed cargo kept the door several feet off the ground.

“Get them!”

The two groups, soldiers and bandits began to fight in the square. From outside the keep, Munch lead the two Doctors up to the side of the gate.

“Now,” he said.

They slipped under the gate and into the castle grounds and made their way on the edge of the area to where Robin instructed.

The 12th Doctor and Robin Hood met eyes, exchanging a quick look.

“Retreat!” Robin yelled. His men slipped under the gate and into Nottingham. Djaq and Tuck were nearby with cloaks to hide them as they entered the people.

“Find them!” the Sheriff yelled from the balcony above.

The guards pulled open the portcullis and rushed out into Nottingham.

The two Doctors made their way to the side of the castle as the guards rushed to chase the bandits into the city.

The 10th Doctor pulled the grating out of place and slipped inside. The 12th followed inside. The way was tight, but the two could walk mostly upright, abet a bit hunched over for comfort through the tunnel. At the end it came to a small rise and a hole covered in a stone above them.

The two reached up and together moved the rock up and to the left. The 12th Doctor poked his head out.

“Huh,” he said. “It is the inside of a jail cell. Funny, I don’t think I’ve ever broken into one of these before.”

The two crawled out into the room. The 10th Doctor pushed the rock back into place.

“Don’t want Robin’s tricks to be revealed,” he said.

The 12th Doctor pulled out his screwdriver and opened the door. The two looked down the hallway.

“To the left, I believe,” the 10th Doctor said. The 12th Doctor agreed, pulling his gizmo back out.

“The power down here is phenomenal, Doctor,” the 12th Doctor said. “I haven’t seen a power flux like this in a long, long time.”

There were two guards in front of the door when the two Doctors arrived. The 12th Doctor stuffed his gizmo in his pocket and stepped up his pace towards them.

“Ah gentlemen,” he said. The two guards looked at him, reaching for their weapons. With one swift motion the 12th Doctor grabbed the two by their heads and smashed them together, sending both to the floor unconscious.

“That was a bit abrupt,” the 10th Doctor commented as the other pulled the keys from the guard’s belt.

“That was part of the yellow belt test for Venisian Aikido, don’t you remember?”

The door opened and the 12th Doctor peered in. The room was dark with a glow that was unnatural for this time and place.

“I think we found it,” he said. The two entered the room and the 12th Doctor locked the door behind them and stuffed the keys into his pocket.

The room was large, abet dark, with cabling and display panels visible throughout the room. The two Doctors stopped by the first panel in the room which was running through a series of repeating screens.

“Looks like data for a power station,” the 10th Doctor said, reading numbers and stats as they appeared.

“That is a lot of power,” the 12th Doctor commented.

The two looked at each other knowingly and set out deeper into the room. The first set of pillars they found were power transfer stations. They regulated the incredible amount of energy flowing through the room.

After a brief inspection, the two wandered further into the room.

“I know this,” the 12th Doctor said, standing in front of a large clear tube. It was wired up on top and bottom, a green glowing display in front. Inside floated a sphere nearly a meter in diameter slowly turning.

“Kis 4,” the 12th Doctor said. “There you are.”

The 10th Doctor stepped closer, inspecting the container. He ran his hands up and down the glass, and then looked closer at the control unit.

“We’ve seen this before too,” the 10th Doctor said. “Remember the pirate planet? The one that was hollow on the inside?”

“I remember jewels everywhere,” the 12th Doctor started, looking again. “Wait, I do remember. The planet would materialize around a planet, mine the insides hollow and then shrink it down… for something.”

“Power,” the 10th Doctor said. “They were using it to maintain a temporal field around their queen to keep her alive.”

The two moved to inspect the other cylinders. After a moment at each, they were able to identify the planet contained inside.

“Kanna Prime,” the 12th Doctor said, placing both hands on the glass. “Forgive me. Forgive me.”

“There are at least 50 planets here. That is a power of magnitude more energy than the pirate planet used. What could you need this much energy for?” the 10th Doctor said.

“Nothing good.”

The 12th Doctor started scanning again with his gizmo and it lead him to one corner of the room. His face went from confused, to concerned fairly quickly.

“Oh no,” he said to himself, looking up at the glass cylinder in front of him. The 10th Doctor heard him and came to his side, his face turning pale at the sight.

“No,” the 10th Doctor whispered. “No, no, no,” his voice getting louder, “No! NO!”

He slammed his hands against he glass, a faint blue static charge traveled around the container.

“NO! You are safe! I send you somewhere safe!” the 10th Doctor screamed. Inside Rose Tyler floated mid air, eyes closed.

The 12th Doctor lowered his gizmo and walked to his side.

“No, no,” the 10th Doctor said, pulling out his screwdriver and aiming it at the control display.

“No, Doctor!” the 12th Doctor said, grabbing the others hand. “No, you can’t. She is suspended in time. If you pull her out, it could kill her.”

“She isn’t supposed to be here,” the 10th Doctor said tears starting to run down his face. “I sent her away…”

The 12th Doctor looked his younger self and a moment of understanding came over his face.

“Oh no,” he said, wrapping his arms around the other. “You just left the beach, didn’t you?”

The two Doctors embraced for a moment.

“I wish I could tell you it gets easier,” the 12th Doctor said. “But I promise you, we’ll save her again.”

The 10th Doctor nodded.

“Now for more news,” the 12th Doctor said, pointing. “Sarah Jane is over there. Martha is next to her. Jamie is off to the right, Ace is behind him…”

The two wandered the collection of glass cases, each containing a face that had wandered time with the Doctor.

“Except for Romana, they are all here…”

“Each suspended in time,” the 10th Doctor commented, composing himself.

“But why?”

The two paused, looking at the faces that held a moment of the Doctor’s long life.

“This has to be the Master,” the 10th Doctor said. “Who else would do this?”

“I don’t know,” the 12th Doctor said. “Let’s go upstairs. That is where the Time Lord tech is being kept. Maybe we can find out more about the Keeper up there.”

The two Doctors pulled the two guards into the room and quickly took of their armor and talberds and threw them on.

“Glad Robin gave us directions,” the 12th Doctor said as they walked down the hallways.

“I suspect we’d look a bit obvious if we were lost,” the 10th Doctor added.

The room had once been for the Sheriff to host figures of prominence. Robin had said that once even King Richard had stood in that room to greet Marian’s father and dine with them.

Now it was barren, save a high back wooden chair at the far end with long dark curtains covering the back wall. The 12th Doctor pulled out the gizmo and started to scan.

“This is strange,” he mumbled, playing with some of the settings.


“It says that what we are looking for is right here. Right in front of us…”

The two carefully moved forward, waving hands in front of them in case there was something invisible in the room.

“Nothing,” the 10th Doctor said.

The 12th Doctor heard noises from the entrance to the room. Without speaking he grabbed the 10th Doctor from behind, hand over the others mouth and spun them both behind one of the huge curtains in the back.

A group of the Keeper’s men entered the middle of the room. The Man in Black himself walked with them and for the first time the 12th Doctor got a good look at the man he had been chasing across time.

The Keeper wore a hard black suit that covered his entire body. The helmet had no features on the front, replacing the man’s face with a polished smooth black surface. There were tubes connecting packs on his back to his torso and limbs.

The Keeper pushed some of the buttons on his forearm. The room was filled with that sound. The sound the 12th Doctor had heard each time one of the Keeper’s men had left in an escape capsule. The sound that the 12th Doctor had not paid attention to until now.

“That sounds like…” the 12th Doctor whispered. He looked over at the 10th Doctor, then realized he was still holding the others mouth. “Sorry…”

In the center of the room an octagon shaped station materialized and while its parts had been modified it was all too familiar to the two Doctors.

“That is a control station and engine of a Tardis…” the 12th Doctor said.

Two of the Keeper’s men went to the station and began to operate it.

“The recharging station is ready, m’Lord,” one of the soldiers said. The Keeper stepped forward to the machine with both arms extended. Mechanical arms with tubes at their ends extended outwards attaching to connectors on his forearms. The lights on the machine started blinking.

“What’s the suit doing?” the 10th Doctor asked.

The 12th Doctor slipped his gizmo from his pocket and carefully scanned the Keeper. He kept the scanner on low power. They were too close to be caught.

“It is a time vortex generator,” the 12th Doctor said. “It is keeping the person inside stable.”


“Stable and hidden, I’d say,” the 12th Doctor continued. “Hidden from the Paradox.”

The two looked back over at the Keeper.

“Recharge complete, m’Lord.”

The arms pulled away from the Keeper, retracting their tubes as they did. The lights on the machine faded away. He stepped back and inspected first his arms and then the displays on the recharging machine.

Then he reached back and pulled the tube off from the back of his helmet. There was a hiss of air and the Keeper placed both hands on the side of the helmet. He gave it a click to the left and pulled it off. There were black spots lining the sides of his neck visible to the Doctors even from their distance.

His back was to the two Doctors as he took a deep breath.

“Master, the Paradox.”

“A few moments of fresh air,” the Keeper said.

He turned and the 12th Doctor saw the face of the Keeper.

“We have to go,” the 12th Doctor whispered so quietly the 10th Doctor almost didn’t hear him. “We have to go, now.”

The 10th Doctor looked at his companion whose face was frozen and pale.

On the other end of the room, the large door opened a small bit and a young soldier poked his head in.

“Sir the Sheriff is requesting to see you,” the man said.

The Keeper pushed a button on his arm again and the Tardis control station disappeared from the room.

“Send him in,” the Keeper replied.

The Sheriff of Nottingham was a shorter man with an unpleasant demeanor. His hair was balding, but he took care to arrange the short gray tufts still left before entering the room.

“Hood again!” he said, addressing the now empty room. The Keeper stood still as the sheriff angrily paced.

“He’s up to something, I know it. He and his band tried to get in here today, but my guards, despite their incompetence, stopped him.”

“I am ill concerned with your problems, dear Sheriff. You prove your own incompetence daily with your inability to rid yourself of a single man.”
 The Sheriff’s face filled with anger.

“Robin Hood is no man,” he said, getting in the Keeper’s face. “He is a rat, and when I put his head on the city walls I’ll be sure to invite you to the ceremony.”

The Sheriff turned and began to leave. He paused at the door and turned again to face the Keeper, now with a smile on his face.

“And how goes your search for your, who was it? Your Doctor? How is that going?”

He smiled again.

“He is just one man, dear Keeper. Surely he is no match for you.”

“If you value your tongue and your smug face, I’d advise you to silence your mouth. The Doctor is no man.”

The Keeper put his helmet back on, attaching the tubes to the back. He stepped closer to the Sheriff so the man’s breath momentarily fogged up the gloss black of the front of the mask.

“Now leave my sights, and do not return unless you have something relevant to tell me.”

The Sheriff spun and left the room, storming down the hallway.

“Relevant, indeed,” he mumbled to an empty hallway. “Like a blue box spotted in town?”

The Keeper turned to his men.

“Seems we should fix this Robin Hood issue,” he said as they left the room.

The face of the 12th Doctor was still pale and frozen.

“We need to go,” he repeated. “Now.”

The two made their way back towards the entrance-way they had come through. The 12th Doctor was shaken and silent. The 10th Doctor followed the 12th Doctor’s swift lead not yet asking any questions of his companion.

The 12th Doctor lead them to his Tardis and threw switches immediately upon entering the craft.

“What did you learn?” D-96 asked. Jeremy barked at the 10th Doctor.

“You have a robot companion and an organic dog,” the 10th Doctor commented. “That is new.”

The 12th Doctor pulled a lever and the Tardis dematerialized.

“Where are we going?” the 10th Doctor asked.

The 12th Doctor did not answer, rather grabbed his head with both hands and first cringed and then screamed.


In a house on a planet still not called “New London” at an hour too early in the morning for most of the inhabitants to be awake, the Tardis rematerialized in the foyer.

The 12th Doctor threw open the door and ran out. He made it nearly five steps before the pain hit again and he crumpled to the ground holding his head.

“What’s wrong?” the 10th Doctor said, emerging as well.

“Mr Doctor?” a voice said. The 10th Doctor watched in surprise as a large polar bear cub became visible near the 12th Doctor. A moment later another one appeared on his other side.

“I remember,” the 12th Doctor said. “I remember…”

Mistress Katherine emerged at the top of the stairs, descending them slowly. The 10th Doctor looked up at her giving her a surprised look.

“I know who he is,” the 12th Doctor said from the floor. He pulled himself upright, looking up at the 10th Doctor.


“He’s us. He’s the Doctor.”