April Revisited

I have the scans of the April poems up now on my Flickr site. They are embedded on the April page, but here they are as well. No censoring, no secrets, just the pages straight from my notebook for each of the April poems.

Monday I started editing a few of them, and I liked what was coming out. I think I’ll scan in the revision work as well, and just throw this entire journey out there for everyone to see. Who knows, maybe we’ll all learn something.

I do think I’ll be doing some editing and reworking of the layout of the April page. You know me, always have to tinker with the geek side as well.

A Monthin the Life, August

(I wrote this on September 1… blame my life schedule for its delay. Oh and Ron Dickie)

Ah August, you were an adventure, no? Just last week we had an earthquake, a tornado and a hurricane. Exciting times, no doubt.

Which I think is a Chinese curse of some sorts.

The creativity was still there, however. Pictures, writing, webpage design, whatever was on my mind that day I tried. And I got most of the days, I believe.

I did spend a bit of time playing with Aperture to see about this whole post processing thing. I found pictures from years ago and ran them through some filters and found colors and clarity that I didn’t know they had.


Oh and this? It is called Inkling and I wants it. *makes golum noises*

A Month in the Life, July

Look at that, posting something about July in July. Much better than last month.

July has been good. I got a new camera, a Nikon Coolpix P300. It is a point and shoot, but has manual options for aperture and shutter speed. Small, so I have been taking it lots of places with me. While I am still learning a lot of camera settings, I think I’ve gotten a few good shots. Here is a recent one from a pool side afternoon and more up on my flickr page.

Pool Reflection

There also has been a lot of Doctor Who. I am near the end of my adventure and it has been fun. Currently stumbling over the last few scenes, but these things happen. Current word count is 65,000 words, which is a lot of words. I changed themes on my blog (see?) and moved all the episodes over here for easier reading.

I did start working on an overall website redesign for this site. I figured out all the technical parts, now for the design part…

I’ve been thinking about what I’ll be working on after I’ve finished my Doctor adventure. Trying to decide between creepy kids, ninjas or the Trojan War.