A Month in the Life, March

March’s theme was photography. No specific topic, just photography.

I had spent all of February with a specific goal: draw a fish everyday. I wanted for March something different, maybe looser. I chose, simply, take a picture of something everyday.

In retrospect, that may not have been a great idea. I found, as you can see, doing lots of photos at the bar, or on my walk to somewhere else. Most of my day is spent in two places: work and home. Those two places don’t have the same offerings for photography that a more wandering lifestyle would lend itself too.

Naturally I’ll be traveling later, but that is to be expected. I’ll post pictures of those places too.

There were some posed shots with a friend’s purse, as well as side shots of glasses, full and empty. This one of the month is perhaps my favorite.

Through Glass

In the end, i suspect I was taking the ART part of this project a bit too seriously. A picture, of anything really, is still art. Still I enjoyed March, and find myself ready for April.

For which, I have big plans…

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