Early April 365 – Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month.

I’ve been excited about April. Previous years i’ve tried something like a poetic NaNoWriMo where I would write a poem each day. Naturally I’ve had various levels of success with it. This year I’ve decided to do the same as part of not only National Poetry Month, but my on going art 365 project. I’m posting this early because so that if anyone else wants to join in, they can.

So what is the plan?

Every day I am going to write a poem.
I am going to use only one page from my notebook for each day
While I may not edit, there will be a ‘finished’ version
I’ll be posting the ‘finished version’ as I go

Now, when i am done, I plan to collect all of the pages I did, scan them in and put together a collection (called April, or something that creative) that has the rough pages, the April version and, if needed, a later edited version

Sound like fun? Sound crazy? probably a bit of both. Want to join? (You know you want to watch…)

Update: find the poems here

Author: jake

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