A Month in the Life, October

And the fall begins. is the tenth month of 2011 already completed? A bit quieter than September, and yet still with its adventures. I went to Vegas and Colorado. There was rugby and dancing and Les Miserables and even a few mornings where I dared to sleep in.

The Path Down

I found a program for my iPhone (I GOT AN IPHONE) that pretends to be a typewriter. That’s about it. Makes little cards that you can send or upload. I suspect I’ll be playing with this a lot. Here is my first one.


October brought the resurgence of April. I started editing my poems from April and even began posting the pages from my notebook of those revisions up as well. When it is all completed there will be a nice collection of poems in all their stages. They are coming along. I found more gems than I expected, which is always a good feeling.

Speaking of poems, I read a few and posted them to SoundCloud. Here, listen:
The Three Living and the Three Dead by tinscho

I definitely see now a difference in the months, such as February and April, where I had a plan for each day, vice the other more free form months. November, which starts today, presents the temptation of NaNoWriMo. In case there is a reader who doesn’t know, NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month. You write a novel in a month (50,000 words). It is all about quantity, and less about quality.

I do have an idea, although no real preparations for it. It is a good old fashioned ghost story inspired by a ghost tour I did of downtown Annapolis. So i think i have a plan.

I’m going to work on this Annapolis ghost story for the month of November. I won’t be posting it online, but I’ll tweet my word count and promise there will be other art things that I will post.

I won’t promise 50,000 words. But I’m aiming for it.

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