A Month in the Life, September

Ah September. Did you let me breathe? It certainly didn’t feel like it. It started with work deadlines, “Get this done by 30 September, OR ELSE!” Mix in traveling engineers and bad weather, and there were several late nights at the office.

But there was Horrorfind, which, as always, rocked. Good friends, good times. I did a reading on Sunday of two stories: Tuesday Morning and Bedtime Monsters.

Then I went to Disney, which provided days of pictures. This one is one of my favorites.

Epcot at Night

Did I hit once a day in art? probably not. But despite the busy schedule, there were still lots of creative moments.

Almost caught up with life. Almost. Rest well, September, you deserve it.

Author: jake

poet, editor, kilt wearing heathen. he/him