April Poems – A Poetry Challenge for 2016

April Poems – A Poetry Challenge for 2016

This one is a more intense challenge, and one I have done a few years now. April is National Poetry month, and to celebrate we have a poetry challenge.

Write a poem each day of April.

Preferred method is by hand for this one. Take a notebook, one with 30 blank pages, and give each day in April a single page.

That is your working space for the day. All of your writing and edits go here, and no where else. Now, confined in both time and space, create. Thirty days, thirty poems.

While I do edit later (usually much later, as this, like NANOWRIMO, tends to wear you out some), the goal of each day is to have a presentable draft.

30 in 30, your own April Poems.

Author: jake

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