Monday Poems, A Poetry Challenge for 2016

Monday Poems, A Poetry Challenge for 2016

Ok, another poetry challenge for you. This one is simple. Every Monday, go to a blank sheet in your notebook (or how ever you write) and write out one poem about something that happened the week before.

Don’t edit, or second guess. Spend 5 or so minutes thinking about all the things that happened the previous week, then another 5 or so crafting something.

Close your notebook, and go about your day.

Can you go back, edit? do what you want! These are yours! The challenge is that first step, that first draft. You’ll have 52 of them at the end of the year. That’s a book. Even if only half are good, that’s 26 poems you didn’t have.

Not a fan of Monday? Doesn’t work? Make them Tuesday Poems, Sunday Morning poems, Thursday while I wait for my laundry to be done poems. Just stick with the day. For this exercise, it is the schedule that is the lesson.

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