#BLM – Poems from Poets.org

Amidst the unrest that started late May Poets.org started not just a daily poem from Black writers, but re-promoting older works from their history.

It may look minor to promote poetry, but giving a voice, a space to speak is essential. And history shows poetry has been used to be that voice for as long as humans have needed to speak.

These are some of my favorite poems from the month. They are powerful, sweet, painful, personal and so beautiful.

If you like this, I recommend supporting these poets, not just now, but always. I also recommend connecting to Poets.org either on social media or their poem-a-day mailing list.


Poems from Poets.org

Table of Contents

Some Call It God – Jabari Asim

Love is a Flame – George Marion McClellan

This poem is in the public domain

A New National Anthem – Ada Limón

Shedding Skin – Harryette Mullen

Singularity – Marissa Davis

Yesterday and To-morrow – Paul Laurence Dunbar

This poem is in the public domain

Those Winter Sundays – Robert Hayden

Langston Blue – Jericho Brown

Summer Haibun – Aimee Nezhukumatathil

The Blue Dress- Saeed Jones

A Way of Seeing – Kwame Dawes

Afterward but not Afterword – A. Van Jordan

I Never Figured How to Get Free – Donika Kelly

And Now Upon My Head the Crown – Phillip B. Williams

Every Verb is a Lesson in Longing or Dread – April Freely

A Short Note to My Very Critical and Well-Beloved Friends and Comrades – June Jordan

If You Should Go – Countee Cullen

This poem is in the public domain

Notebook of a Return to the Native Land [excerpt] – Aimé Césaire

praise poets and their pens – JP Howard

Hattie McDaniel Arrives at the Coconut Grove – Rita Dove

Inheritance – Camille Rankine

Designer Kisses – Major Jackson

For Black Children at the End of the World—and the Beginning – Roger Reeves

Hello – Sean Hill

After a Reading of “Darkwater” – Elizabeth Curtis Holman

This poem is in the public domain

Brotherhood – Georgia Douglas Johnson

This poem is in the public domain

We Drink at the Attenuation Well – Porsha Olayiwola

p r i d e – A. H. Jerriod Avant

When Fannie Lou Hamer Said – Mahogany L. Browne

litany – Mahogany L. Browne

Family Reunion – Rita Dove

from Citizen, IV – Claudia Rankine

I Can’t Breathe – Pamela Sneed

What I Mean When I Say Harmony (I) – Geffrey Davis

America – Claude McKay

This poem is in the public domain

Appendix – List of URLS

For easy saving or reference, here is a list of the URLs for each of the poems:

  • https://poets.org/poem/some-call-it-god
  • https://poets.org/poem/love-flame
  • https://poets.org/poem/new-national-anthem
  • https://poets.org/poem/shedding-skin
  • https://poets.org/poem/singularity-0
  • https://poets.org/poem/yesterday-and-morrow
  • https://poets.org/poem/those-winter-sundays
  • https://poets.org/poem/langston-blue
  • https://poets.org/poem/summer-haibun
  • https://poets.org/poem/blue-dress
  • https://poets.org/poem/way-seeing
  • https://poets.org/poem/afterward-not-afterword
  • https://poets.org/poem/i-never-figured-how-get-free
  • https://poets.org/poem/and-now-upon-my-head-crown
  • https://poets.org/poem/every-verb-lesson-longing-or-dread
  • https://poets.org/poem/short-note-my-very-critical-and-well-beloved-friends-and-comrades
  • https://poets.org/poem/if-you-should-go
  • https://poets.org/poem/notebook-return-native-land-excerpt
  • https://poets.org/poem/praise-poets-and-their-pens
  • https://poets.org/poem/hattie-mcdaniel-arrives-coconut-grove
  • https://poets.org/poem/inheritance-2
  • https://poets.org/poem/designer-kisses
  • https://poets.org/poem/black-children-end-world-and-beginning
  • https://poets.org/poem/hello
  • https://poets.org/poem/after-reading-darkwater
  • https://poets.org/poem/brotherhood
  • https://poets.org/poem/we-drink-attenuation-well
  • https://poets.org/poem/p-r-i-d-e
  • https://poets.org/poem/when-fannie-lou-hamer-said
  • https://poets.org/poem/litany-1
  • https://poets.org/poem/family-reunion-0
  • https://poets.org/poem/citizen-iv
  • https://poets.org/poem/i-cant-breathe
  • https://poets.org/poem/what-i-mean-when-i-say-harmony-i
  • https://poets.org/poem/america-2

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