A Year in the Life

Some friends of mine are doing a 365 day art project. Create something every day for a year and post it online. the idea being that you are thinking of and then creating art every day for a year.

And I can think of a thousand reasons why I shouldn’t do this. But one that is why I should: I want to. So I am in. I suspect that in the end my number will not be 365, but I am ok with that. The thought, the intention is to set aside time for what I love, drawing, writing, pictures, whatever, each and every day.

The hope I have is that the creation habits I have now will become even better and I will get a few new ones along the way.

What will you get out of me? Who knows. I’ll be posting pictures on flickr, random lines and such on twitter, longer things here. I plan to do a monthly summary post here about what I have done, but again, I’d not be surprised if I didn’t have 12 of such entries. Not everything will find itself online, a story or poem may live in a notebook rather than the web, but I’ll at least tease you with the title.

I will not be punishing myself for missing days, but that is under a single caveat: I am not backing out either.

So this is how 2011 is going to be.

Author: jake

poet, editor, kilt wearing heathen. he/him