Monthly Music, June and July

Yeah Yeah, it is August.

There is an accidental theme this time: Boats and Rum.

Alestorm – Back Through Time

Scottish Pirate Metal. Just watch.

Genticorum – Nagez Rameurs

Let’s start by saying this is all in French. Genticorum is a French Canadian band who plays a traditional type of music called Quebecois. This is a mixture of Celtic (Irish and Britianny) music with traditional colonial songs. Despite singing in French, the songs will sound familiar as their style is similar to folk songs of the Appalachians. Great music, and great fiddling too.

Apparently Nagez Rameurs means “Pull it together, rowers!” Most of the songs on this album are about travel and tell some sort of story. I did find out at their show that the guy who sat at the front of the canoe and sang songs while they traveled the rivers of the new world got paid more than the ones who actually rowed. Now, he did have to know a lot of songs. This is like that long road trip- if you only bring two CD’s you are going to not be happy.

If you like more traditional celtic music, or American music, or hell, just music, check it out.

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