Monthly Music, August

Mumford & Sons – Sigh no More

I’ve been avoiding this album for months. I heard that one song and liked it but convinced myself that it was a fluke. Then I heard that other song and like it too. Then the album was on sale and I thought “what the hell?”

And I dig it. It is like alt-bluegrass. So you can play it on the radio and people will not change the channel even though it is a genre change. Still the songs are catchy and I did not mind my sale price purchase.

So if you like those two radio songs, you’ll be pleased to hear more of the same throughout the album.

Sucker Punch Soundtrack

I have discovered that asking “Have you seen Sucker Punch?” is a loaded question. There is this odd turn conversations take about the movie where we don’t discuss the plot or even the pretty CGI, but rather something else, such as sexism or mental hospitals or Frodo Baggins. Therefor, this will not be a discussion of the movie.

The soundtrack, however, kicks ass. There are only nine songs, but they are all good. Some covers, some originals, BJORK! and the show tune-esque song sung in the movie. It is solid and stands alone from the movie as a solid compilation.

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