Solar Powered Awsome

I just picked up a new toy for my multi-device digital life. I got the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard, K760. It is a bluetooth keyboard, designed primarily for iPad, that has a solar panel to recharge its internal batteries.

All of these things are awesome.

It is small, but not so small it is uncomfortable to type on. The keys seem sturdy, and it is solar re-charged. This means that the search for AA’s while on travel will be kept to a minimum.

But here is the great part: it has three device buttons on the top left. See, you pair the keyboard with your iPad and your iPhone. Need to connect to iPad? hit 1. Need to connect to iPhone? hit 2. So, right now as I am writing, I have my phone playing music. I hit 2, jump to the phone, change the volume, and then hit 1, and am back on the iPad. My hands never leave the keyboard. Pretty cool.

And it has one more button left! So I can pair it with one more device. Sounds like an excuse to get a new toy if I have ever heard one.

So? So why did I get a keyboard for my phone? Well, first off, I am a geek. Second, i anticipate it will help make certain programs, like Byword and pages, more useful on my phone and iPad. I can now type faster and longer on these devices. Being able to type on my phone will be especially useful on an airplane, where there is barely room for me, much less a computer in front of me.

Will this replace my laptop? Doubtful. Instead it is providing another option for my travels. And options, I believe, are important.

I mention it is solar powered? techno-hippie all the way.

Author: jake

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