New Server Home

The thing about moving servers is that the only way others know is if you screw up…

In the middle of it now, moving from one web home to another. It can be troubling, especially when you realize that anything, email, databases, files, on the old server is going to be deleted soon.

The push is a great update to coming. THAT update will be visible to the world, very much so. I wrote a WordPress plugin that expands WooCommerce’s capabilities, and I am excited to show it off, and nervous about it.

Moving servers, like moving homes, is also a good time for a re-start. To get rid of the things you weren’t using, didn’t need. things taking up space, and time.



Sorry about that. A great time to do a backup, I was saying. Think of your website, especially those with years old blog posts. What of that do you have backed-up? It is still your stuff, your work, your files and pictures, your posts and words.

So, a reminder to back up your things now, when things work, when everything is OK, rather than the other side, when the word is ‘recovery’ and the data is measured in percentages less than 100.

Author: jake

poet, editor, kilt wearing heathen. he/him