A Fedi-Moving Day

I used Calckey as my primary fediverse server for 6 months. There were things I enjoyed about it, and then some things not so much.

I use YUNOHost for my backend, and due to that, was not able to update from Calckey to Firefish. I started looking into what I could do, but most the advice I saw dissuaded the changing of the server software on the same URL.

Near the end, most of the profile images were not loading. I was getting constant “Retry?” prompts, and errors and reloads.

Calckey is a pretty good software suite based on Misskey which too is pretty good. So I am pretty sure this was more on my end than theirs.

Still, with the errors, constantly reloading, it was time to move on.

I am not able to get YNH to install Mastodon. So I kept looking. Pleroma was there. I set up a test server and loaded my follows and gave it a week to play around with.

I prefer the Calckey UI. However, after I found the themes and played with them some, Pleroma grew on me more.

What it did bring to the table was the ability to use apps on my phone. The Calckey PWA did not meet my needs.

Calckey is fighting until the end, however. I am writing this stuck in a “Rate Exceeded” issue where I can’t move my account yet because the server won’t let me. Which is frustrating because I am, in fact, the server admin.

My pleroma is currently themed to look like Windows 95, something I am apparently still nostolgic for. Hopefully soon moving day will be complete.

Author: jake

poet, editor, kilt wearing heathen. he/him