Dr Who

These adventures were born from too much Doctor Who (if there is such a thing) and too little sleep.

The Lost Doctor

Episode 1 – Introductions

Episode 2 – Out of Place

Episode 3 – Virginian Adventure

Episode 4 – Much Needed Vacation

Episode 5 – Play it One Last Time, Sam

Episode 6 – Electric Light, A Torchwood Episode

Episode 7 – The Hitchhiker

Episode 8 – Thanks for All the Fish

Episode 9 – Lullaby

Episode 10 – The Robots of Silence

Episode 11 – Stolen Past

Episode 12 – The Lost Doctor

Episode 13 – The End

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You can read about my thoughts on fan fiction here.

Copyrights and such

First and foremost, The Doctor, the Tardis and just about all those things are all properties of the BBC and Doctor Who and used here without permission. I make no claim to any of them.

While the 12th Doctor’s adventures are products of too much Doctor Who and not enough sleep on my part, they are in the strange limbo land of Fan Fiction. I post them here fully and openly under a creative commons license, as much as they can be. Naturally, at any point where the BBC’s copyright and the Creative Commons conflict with each other, the BBC wins, as the Doctor is theirs.

Arthur Dent, Zaphod and Vogons (and all of that) belong to Douglas Adams. The story is to be a homage to Mr Adams and the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which has brought me many hours of enjoyment.

Hopefully none of that will be important, as the main point of all of this is to go on a bit of an adventure. Feel free to pass this stuff on, even copy it if you want. If you write for Dr Who, feel free to copy, borrow or steal any of this for the show (and if you love me, drop my name as inspiration)