A Month in the Life, April

April was National Poetry Month, so in honor of that, I decided to devote my theme to poetry for my 365 month. I thought it would be a good fit.


You can find the fruits of my labors here, on their own page.

I’ll still do the scans and the future edits. It was an interesting month. I did find the general theme of spring/weather/outside prevalent in the poems, as well as vacation. School is nearing its end, and a few days off is on the brain for sure.

And I’ll admit I fell behind. In the end, there are 30 poems in there, though not every day found me writing one. i know that isn’t the exact point of 365, but hey, so what.

In the end I think the cupcakes are my favorite, abet a bit risque? maybe?

Onwards to May.

Ode To Cupcakes

Start on one side
tugging around the middle
slowly pull off
your paper skirt

before peeling away your top
the icing is nice
but it is the underneath
i want

soft and warm,
what other secrets do you hide?

there is only us
and no guilt
for not sharing
my sweet desire

Author: jake

poet, editor, kilt wearing heathen. he/him