A Month in the Life, February

I stumbled.

It was going to happen, we all knew that. But it did. Not once, either, but a few times a day passed in February where there was no art from me. In the end there were 28 entries in February’s roster, but there was a bit of catching up near the end. And that is OK, the point is to do this, to enjoy doing this, as a personal growth and exploration type of project. This is not work or homework. I do not plan on letting it become that.


January was free form. All I had to do was something, and it was all over the place. One of the things about free form is you have to think about what you want to make and then you can think about how you will make it.

For February I decided to be a bit more constrained. I chose a theme: Fish. I chose a medium: drawing. So there are 28 fish in my Flickr gallery now, one for each day. Was it better? In ways. I’ll admit I did start thinking of other things, but I had started, so I would finish. The fish were fun, and a crowd favorite came out (thanks to a tweet from Qweequeg): coffee shark. Here he is sleeping.

Coffee shark sleeps #365

Don’t worry, there will be more coffee shark even as we move into March. Maybe a sitcom with Happy Dolphin?

There were two other things in February. I started posting some Dr Who I had been writing. Some escape, some practice, lots of sonic screwdriver, and more to come too. (Once i figure out the optimal posting time and length…) The second was a music review post. I’m going to try this for a bit and see how it goes.

Now I’m off, I have a few hours to figure out what I am doing for the third month of this year. I do have a plan for April already… which may kill me, but I am already excited about it.

And I remain excited about 365.

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