A Month in the Life, June


It is July. I know. but that seems to be the theme overall in June: a bit of slacking. There was art, there was work, there was a lot of things. But there was mostly slacking.

So did I do 30 things? one for each day of June? I don’t know. I haven’t counted yet…

I did break a personal milestone, a person barrier if you will. My Doctor Who story is now over 50,000 words. Now that isn’t quite full length novel, but it isn’t quite finished yet. Still it is a milestone i’ve always looked at and wanted. Now I have it. And i am writing the last two episodes and still loving it each step of the way.

Now I haven’t been posting it (slacker!) because I’ve been bogged down in presentation. It is easy to be bogged down in presentation. I like TiddlyWiki, a lot even, but I am not sure I like it for the Who stuff. Still I should be posting, rather than waiting. And I will. I have a few ideas, but I’ll work and post.

I did get a few shots with a new camera. I spent the better part of two weeks fretting over a new camera. I wanted one and went from wanting a massive DSLR rig I could not afford, to a smaller one, to eventually a Nikon Coolpix P300 which has all the manual features, but fits easily in my pocket. Here is a shot from the first day playing with it.


July will be a month of less slacking. I have a new camera. I have more energy. And most dangerously, I have some ideas.

A Month in the Life, May

Ah May. May was a month, no? It was almost as if the tides were changing, not just on a global level but all the way down to the personal level. Had we ebbed too long in one direction? Perhaps. But these changes also are time, and that time was time away from art.

This is not an excuse, simply a setting.

There was art in May. Some pictures, some doodles, and some writing. I focused mainly on writing my Dr Who story, which is now at 45,000 words, nearly 8k of those were written in May, making it the longest fiction I’ve written. There is more coming too. That is itself an accomplishment and something I am happy about. Sure it isn’t as easy to show off as a month of fish or thirty poems, but still is something I glad for.

So the fruits of this month will be on display as more episodes of the Doctor show up on my website. This adventure through time and writing I am taking is a fun one. I hope it is as much fun to read out there. It has done wonders in not just this month but since I started working on it to remind me of all the parts of writing I love.

And as we slip into June, maybe the currents will become steady again so we can all remember how to navigate these waters.

A Month in the Life, April

April was National Poetry Month, so in honor of that, I decided to devote my theme to poetry for my 365 month. I thought it would be a good fit.


You can find the fruits of my labors here, on their own page.

I’ll still do the scans and the future edits. It was an interesting month. I did find the general theme of spring/weather/outside prevalent in the poems, as well as vacation. School is nearing its end, and a few days off is on the brain for sure.

And I’ll admit I fell behind. In the end, there are 30 poems in there, though not every day found me writing one. i know that isn’t the exact point of 365, but hey, so what.

In the end I think the cupcakes are my favorite, abet a bit risque? maybe?

Onwards to May.

Ode To Cupcakes

Start on one side
tugging around the middle
slowly pull off
your paper skirt

before peeling away your top
the icing is nice
but it is the underneath
i want

soft and warm,
what other secrets do you hide?

there is only us
and no guilt
for not sharing
my sweet desire